Value-Driven Process

Todayís commercial buildings demand 70% of our national electrical supply and 39% of overall energy resources. In response to this, building codes are requiring strict adherence to requirements that will help lower energy consumption for new construction and major renovation projects. While these policies and procedures are a step in the right direction, the fact remains that there are still billions of square feet of existing facilities that were designed, constructed, and commissioned prior to the implementation of these guidelines. As energy costs continue to rise, finite natural resources are depleted and concerns on how buildings affect the environment are more openly expressed. Consequently, facility owners and planners are looking for intuitive ways to build, operate, and maintain their investments in the most efficient/cost-effective and eco-friendly manners possible.

Our Common Sense Approach for Value Driven Results

Sustainable Building Solutions is a comprehensive and experienced Energy Analyst that will use our knowledge and skills to produce intrinsically valuable results for our clientele. Some of the initial planning/consulting or complete turnkey/design/build services we may perform include:

  • Facility Audits and System-Specific Assessments
  • Energy Use and Consumption Trend Analyses
  • Energy Star Ratings / Energy Use Indices
  • Return on Investment / Life-Cycle Cost Modeling
  • Recommendations and Action Planning
  • Reserve and Replacement Studies
  • Operations & Maintenance Optimization
  • Corrective Action Program Development and Implementation
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Field Implementation of Energy Conservation Strategies
  • Field System Upgrades, Retrofits, Modifications
  • Rebate, Grant, and Incentive Program Recommendations, Applications & Administration
  • Coordination and Synergy with Utility and Service Providers
  • Alternative and Renewable Energy Solutions

Whereas other Energy Analysts may only perform in one area, Sustainable Building Solutions is committed to total program and project management whether it is in the conceptual/planning, design, or implementation phase of an energy enhancement.